Sending Specimens

Sending specimens to NHVDL is easy!


Step 1  

Place Samples In Your Choice Of Package

You have the option of using any box, Tyvec bag, or clinpak/overpack you choose.  Remember, you can place as many specimens in the package, up to 5 pounds.  The more specimens per box saves you money.


shipping containers demonstration of proper shipping practices 

Step 2  

Apply Courier Label

Apply your preferred courier label.
For label information click here

When including microbiology specimens in the package use a corrugated card board box as your outer container and apply the UN 3373 label* to the outside. 

example of proper shipping labels 

Step 3 

Call Your Courier For Pick Up


Federal Express

1 800.GoFedEx  (1 800 463-3339)


1 800-PICK-UPS  (1 800 742-5877)

USPS (US Postal Service)

Place package with your regular mail pick up (or drop off at local post office)

*Note:  UN3373 is for Biological Substances Category B. These include most common clinical  microbiology specimens. If your specimen is likely to contain a "high consequence" Category A agent please contact the lab as it would require specific packaging  (read more)