Direct to Farmer Diagnostics

cowIt can be a challenge for farmers to access the veterinary services and laboratory testing required to keep their livestock healthy and productive.  Without an alternative, farmers have been forced to send specimens out of state and often across country.

The NHVDL has identified and selected some testing of agricultural importance that can be offered directly to these producers.

horses in fieldWhile we can offer certain tests to farmers, there are some regulatory tests that require a licensed veterinarian to collect and submit the specimens.

Additionally there are some tests performed here that are part of state programs through the NH Department of Agriculture. These tests may be offered at minimal or no charge to the program participants.

To learn more about what services the NHVDL can offer directly to farmers click on the brochure link below.

Direct to Farmer Brochure and Fee Schedule

Farm/Producer Submission Form

Necropsy Submission Form