COVID-19 UPDATED May 25, 2020
(Original Post Wednesday March 18, 2020)

We continue to operate and provide all testing services with normal turn around times.   While we have redundancies and numerous safeguards in place, please know that factors outside our control could impact these services with little notice.  


Labs across the country are grappling with the evolving Coronavirus pandemic. On a daily basis governments and institutions are adopting policies to help flatten the curve.  To ensure the safety of students and staff, Universities across the country ( including UNH),  have taken important measures such as remote learning and restricting access to buildings to only essential personnel.  As the pandemic progresses, additional steps are likely and may happen with little notice.

The NHVDL provides essential services and regulatory testing to stakeholders throughout NH and the region. Our lab has instituted numerous redundancies and continuity measures to maintain testing and help ensure the health and safety of our staff.   We understand that many of our clients and stakeholders have also needed to scale back or suspend non emergency work.  We will do our best to keep you informed of our status.   

In th event we have multiple lab staff or their families impacted by the virus,  we may experience delays in results or the need to partially shut down certain testing.  We hope to avoid interruptions to service as much as possible, but clients should plan for alternative options for critical testing if the situation changes.

We do not test for COVID here at our lab.  While very rare, if you suspect an animal to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 veterinary practitioners should contact  their State Veterinarian's office to determine if testing is warranted.  (603) 271-2404

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