Bovine Pregnancy Testing

The NH Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is excited to offer a new diagnostic tool for large animal clinicians and producers. We have joined forces with BioTracking, LLC the makers of BioPRYN®, a serological pregnancy test for cattle.  It delivers fast, accurate, safe and economical pregnancy diagnostic results.
BioPRYN®, is a blood pregnancy test for ruminants, and has specific appeal for  dairy and beef producers because it delivers fast, accurate, safe and economical pregnancy diagnostic results. BioPRYN® uses ELISA technology to measure the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB) a protein which is produced by the placenta.  
Heifers and cows can be tested at 28 days or more after breeding. Lactating cows must also be 73 days after calving.  The BioPRYN® test is 99 percent accurate in detecting open cows. BioPRYN® allows veterinarians and producers to diagnose pregnancy more rapidly after breeding than rectal palpation, with no risk of damaging the fetus. Cows diagnosed open can then be re-bred more quickly, resulting in tighter calving intervals, more calves born per year, and higher lifetime milk production (because cows achieve peak milk more often).
For producers already working with a veterinarian, we encourage you to continue working through him or her. For those farmers who do not have convenient access to a veterinarian we are happy to work directly with you.  Eliminating rectal palpation also frees up the veterinarian to concentrate on management issues and recommendations with the farm staff.

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