Advisory Board

anvil and gavelMission Statement: The Advisory Board is a group of individuals representing many diverse fields, professions, and communities for which the NHVDL serves. The mission of the NHVDL Advisory Board shall be to provide policy advice, developmental goals and to effectively and appropriately integrate the NHVDL into all relevant university, state, regional, national and international activities. In carrying out this mission, the NHVDL Advisory Board will:

Meetings:  The Advisory Board convenes annually. The NHVDL sponsored meetings will be held in the spring.

Membership: The Advisory Board for the NHVDL includes approximately 12 people, nominated by the Managing Director in consultation with the Department Chair, and approved by the Dean of the COLSA.

Board Members

  1. NHVDL director
  2. MCBS department chair
  3. AES associate director
  4. State veterinarian
  5. State public health official
  6. NHVMA representative
  7. Small animal veterinarian
  8. Large animal veterinarian
  9. Industry veterinarian
  10. Federal Veterinarian
  11. Other

Representative Responsibilities: The Board’s principal aim is to advise and assist the NHVDL and College in long-term strategic planning, developing and delivering its service and meeting its service, academic and research missions.

Reporting: The NHVDL Advisory meetings will be recorded and minutes provided to all members and will be reported to the Dean of the College and the NH Commissioner of Agriculture, Market and Foods.


Board Members

Robert Gibson
Managing Director
NH Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Stephen Crawford
State Veterinarian
NH Dept. Agriculture, Markets & Food

Christine Bean
Public Health Laboratories
NH Dept. Health & Humans Services

Amy Bright
Ande's Veterinary Service

Rick Cote
Department Chair

David Stowe
NHVMA - President

Marc Mitchell
Mitchell Animal Hospital

John Porter
Extension Specialist, Dairy
UNH Cooperative Extension

Chris Rossiter
Poulin Grains

Jon Wraith
Dean of the College of Life Sciences & Agriculture, UNH
Director, NHAES

Nicole Giguere
Veterinary Medical Officer
USDA, APHIS Veterinary Services

Michael Norris
Broadview Animal Hospital